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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SCARE: Telegram nude AI bot used for targeting millions.

A new Telegram AI bot being used to make naked images of people and blackmail them.

“A suicide note was found in her room, in which she stated she could not deal with predicament, more so after her parents suspected she had something to do with the photos uploaded on Facebook”

Recently a new cyber threat has been targeting millions of internet users where Telegram AI bots are being used by fraudsters to get normal photographs morphed and then blackmail them for some ransom or any other demands. It has come to notice that many Indian citizens are being targeted by fraudsters using those bots.

Crime Conduct: Scammers takes your image form your social media and then it is being sent to such Telegram AI bots then after a morphed image is sent back to scammers, then the morphed image will be uploaded using another fake ID or by sending it to target over WhatsApp and then blackmail them to pay ransom to delete images and fake accounts.

Recent Case: A girl recently came ahead and picked up her voice regarding this situation. she said that some people had taken her picture and edited it through an AI Bot easily available on telegram. this bot will easily convert the images from normal to nudes. these pictures were shared multiple times through different social media apps especially Facebook. the people who shared had even commented on the pictures giving hate and insulting her online. The cyber harassment was so much that she had publicly posted a story saying

that, her pictures were morphed using an AI bot and share over million times. she had tried hard to ignore the hate and blackmailing at first, but it was impossible after sometime. she also added that she cannot take it anymore and if she commits suicide then there should be a strict enquiry set on each and every person who shared her picture and commented on it. Apparently she had also files a complaint but it was not as effective as it should have been.

Such cases must be taken under strict consideration. Also, people have to be aware of such practices happening all over the internet. keeping their profiles public and posting publicly can sometimes lead to such consequences. be careful of what you share and whom you share it with.

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