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Cybermatricks was initiated in 2015 to provide solutions to the problems till satisfaction, which is the primary focus of this organisation.
Our approach is to provide ultimate solutions to security and networking related problems. We not only provide solutions but also work on research for upcoming cyber threats and technologies to keep up with innovative comebacks to them.There are a number of services provided here to adjust and suit with the clients requirements. 
We are an affiliate firm to most of the Cyber Cells and also expertise in Cyber Consulting, Cyber Crime Investigation, Security Audits and many more, we also have unique USP for each services and products. Working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Cyber Security domain has been one of our greatest achievements, moreover we offer Algorithm based security which is more secure then any anti-viruses or hardware security appliances.

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Dr.Mieet Shah


Mr.Mieet Shah was born on 17 October 1998 in Surat, Gujarat to Mr.Sunish Shah and Mrs.Dipali Shah. He completed his schooling in 2014 from P.R. Khatiwala Vidya Sankul, Surat. He got his Ph.D. in his young age of 19 years in 2017 from Offensive Security, U.S.A. Mr.Mieet Shah at first got certified with all the international degrees of Hardware, Software, Networking & Cyber Security, he also got coverages in many newspapers like Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh and also on many news channels with his shows of awareness on Cyber Security and is well known for his skills on Cyber Crime Investigation.

He Solved over 250 Cases Sucessfully, and also worked on Ransomware Security and Stuxnet Security, moreover he works on upcoming Cyber Threats and prevention from them, also expertise with skills of Artificial Intelligence (AI) he created an AI Home and Office Automation System. He is a founder of 2 IT firms one being VAULTTIZEE ADVANCE CLOUD COMPUTING and other being CYBERMATRICKS. He was also given recognition as  '''Young Cyber Guy''' by Ojas Foundation at Techno-legal Workshop held at Vadodara, Gujarat and was also awarded as '''Best Cyber Crime Investigator'''. Moreover he also trains Gujarat Police Department in field of Cyber Security and has played major role in capturing many criminals. 


Saket Pandey

Chief Technology Officer


Denisha Kasundra

Research & Development Expert

Our Team
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